Sankara Ramnath

Teacher | Trainer | Coach | Mentor

          Business + Career & Leadership + Personal Finance  

Money and Life – both are Interconnected. Money is a subject which all of us have dealt with for a major portion of our Life. 

Money Management is my Passion. I have learnt my lessons in money management backed by qualification as Chartered Accountant as well as a Cost and Management Accountant. I have Managed Money as an Accounts and Finance Executive, CFO, Business Leader, Business Owner and also my own Personal Finance. I have taken hard knocks and have had numerous successes as well over my 40 years of experience in Money management. 

I now use my expertise and experience to specialise in helping

Business Organisations in Managing their Cash Flow in Business, thereby increasing Revenue, Optimising Cost, improving Operations and Sustaining the Business. I do this through U2K consulting LLP, which is consulting firm of which I am the Founder and CEO. U2K works with Businesses in the Success and Growth Journey through a 3-stage model named ‘ADD’- Assess, Design and Deliver.

Business Owners and Corporate Executives  by improving their Business Acumen through transfer of Knowledge of Finance to become Business Leaders.  I do this through Teaching, Training, Coaching and Mentoring at the organisational level as well as at the individual level.  I am a Certified Mentor Coach and qualified Trainer for Trainers in Leadership and Personal Effectiveness. 

Busy Working Men and Women in their Personal Finance Management .

I have developed “The 7 Principles of Personal Finance Management’ and have authored the ‘Personal Net Worth Workbook” (PNWW)based on these Principles.  The PNWW is a tool which will give full control over your finances.  You can use it to assess your present personal financial Health and I am sure will be an eye opener for you. The PNWW can form the basis for your WILL.  The Personal Net Worth Workbook can be eye opener for you and will be the best gift that you can give to your beneficiaries. 

My greatest strength lies in finding solutions and strategies to help 


Organisations in the following areas: 

  • Business Strategy
  • Business Plans
  • Investment and Pitch Decks
  • Project conceptualisation and execution
  • Launching new products
  • Business Process Reengineering and Optimisation 
  •  Financial management
  • Performance management systems & Compensation and Benefits Management


Individual in the following areas: 

Business Owners and Professionals:

  • Coaching and Mentoring through the Lifecycle of their Business, especially Family Managed Businesses. Leadership, managing Organisations through creating Structures, systems and Processes. 

Corporate Executives:

  • Leadership, Career Planning, career transitions, leading teams, leading enterprise level initiatives, Managing diverse workforce,

Busy working Individuals and Happily Retired Professionals:

  • Sharing the 7 Principles of Personal finance Management, helping them prepare the Personal Net Worth workbook, helping achieve financial goals. MONEY LIFE BALANCE

The Master Business Health Quotient (MBHQ). (Copyright Registration Number L-70992/2017)

  • The MBHQ covers 30 areas of business to 2017) identify the organisational strengths and areas for improvement. The MBHQ is like a Master Health check-up for the business.
  • It has been check-up effectively use to Assess, Design and Deliver solutions for organisational growth. It can also be used by organisations to identify any misalignment amongst the leadership teams so as to necessary corrective action. 

Leadership Quotient for Individuals (Copyright Registration Number L-70993/2017).

  • The LQ covers 30 areas of Leadership qualities for Business Acumen 
  • The LQ can be used as self-assessment too for self-improvement on the road to become a Business Leader.
  • It has also been used to uncover perception differences of leadership qualities of an individual and to improve Boss-Subordinate relationships for improving effectiveness and achieving team goals. 

Personal Financial Quotient (PFQ) (Copyright Registration Number L-95143/2020)

  • PFQ will help you assess your personal financial health. It is a self-assessment tools which covers Planning, Income, Spending, Investment, Debts, Risk and Accounting for Personal Finance. PFQ will form the basis for Planning, Doing, Checking and Adjusting your Actions to achieve your Life Goals. 

The Personal Net Worth Workbook Based on The Seven Principles of Personal Financial Management (Copyright applied- Diary Number 19574/2020)

The Personal Net Worth Workbook (PNWW) is a tool which will give full control of your finances. It is a Master financial Health report, providing your financial status at this point in time. It will assist you in keeping track of your finances. It can be made a part of your WILL, which will be very useful to your beneficiaries.

Workshops and Courses

I create easy-to-follow courses with step-by-step instructions that guide professionals smoothly through their Business, Careers and Personal Finance.  My innovative course curriculum is dedicated to teaching, Training and Group Coaching in the following:

  • Finance for Non-finance Professionals septically for Business Owners, Head of Businesses, HR Managers.  Sales and Marketing Managers
  • Managing Organisations
  • Leadership and Getting things Done
  • Time Management
  • Career planning for Corporate Executives to become business Leaders

These workshops are followed by Individual Coaching and Mentoring to make them more effective and to convert theory to Practice. 

And if your still here with me till now and want to know more about me. 

I hold a Bachelor in Commerce from Mumbai University, India and Associate Membership of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and The Institute of Cost Accountants of India. I also have a Diploma in Human Resource Management from MIMS, Mumbai, India. 

I started my career in 1981 in Larsen and Toubro Limited, the largest Engineering conglomerate in India, and worked for 17 years at various locations and in diverse product lines, before joining Prism Cement Ltd, 1998.

I was the Member of the Board of Prism Cement Limited, a 1billion dollar Building Material Company, listed on the Stock Exchanges in India. As Executive Director- Cement, I was responsible for the cement business (revenue 400 million dollars)

During my corporate career of 38 years, I have been responsible for Business Strategy, Project conceptualisation and execution, Launching new products, Operations, Financial management and Performance management systems. I have led a wide variety of enterprise level initiatives and have managed large and diverse work force, including senior resources with wide experience and background.

Currently as the Founder and CEO of U2K Consulting LLP, I help build and grow businesses. As a Business Coach and a Mentor, I assist Managers becoming Leaders. I continue being a visiting faculty in Management and Organisational Development at leading Management Institutes.

 Well, if want to take the Master Business Health Quotient, Leadership quotient or the Personal finance Quotient or if you want to know more of what I do, look up

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