Money & Life

Because both are interconnected

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My name is Sankara Ramnath. I am Teacher, Trainer, Coach and Mentor In Money Management. 

I am Chartered Accountant and Cost & Management  Accountant by qualification. 

I have over 40 years of experience in Financial Management, Managing Organisations and Business Leadership. 

I  specialise in helping

I believe  that while Money is not Everything, Money CAN.

Money CAN……,

  • Open Opportunities, Support You 

     to Make You

  • A Better son or Daughter to your Parents,  a Better Spouse,  a Better Parent, a Better Business Leader,  a Better Citizen for the Community, Country and World  and 

    more importantly 



Business has to be Money Multiplier to ensure that there is Free Cash from Operations

Career & Leadership

The aim of any Business Owner or Corporate Executive is to become a Business Leader.

Personal Finance

Have You followed the 7 Principles of Personal Finance Management to ensure you have Financial Peace ?