Career Aptitude Assessment Corporate Executive


Career Aptitude Assessment Corporate Executive


This Career Aptitude Assessment is based on Holland’s Code. It was first developed by Dr. John Holland in 1971 based on extensive research about how people choose careers. This Career Aptitude Assessment helps you learn about yourself and your educational and life / career choices.

This helps you in determining your Career or a Job profile accordingly.

Find out what are your strengths through the assessment and establish a Career for your future.

How can you do that ?
  1. You just have take the Career Aptitude Assessment
  2. You will get a detailed report on the test that you have taken
  3. To be more sure with your career you can opt for our Mentorship Programme of Career Planning & Guidance Package which include expert Guidance
  4. for more inform on the Programme Contact Us
Who can take the test ?
  • Corporate Executives, Managers, and as well students

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