Personal Finance Package

Personal Finance Package will guide you on how to maintain your Personal Finance and Personal Net worth, many people don’t understand the importance of maintaining a Personal Finances, but you are here so, that means you do understand the importance, go ahead and take the lead in building your Net worth



Personal Finance Package

Offerings In Details
  1. Personal Finance Quotient – The Personal Financial Quotient (PFQ) covers 25 aspects of personal finance, which determine personal financial health. It covers Income, Expenses, Savings, Investment , Risk and Record Keeping.  It is a self-assessment tool, which is easy and to be answered only in Yes or NO.
  2. Mentorship – Based on the Test you will have mentorship session with the expert Sankara Ramnath founder of U2k Consulting and U2k Training Academy.
  •          The mentorship session will be of One hour
  •          One on One Mentorship Session
  •          Which will Include Brainstorming
  •          Q&A Session Towards the End of the session

You can accordingly develop a good Financial Plan and take action to improve your Financial Health.

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For All Individuals


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