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Welcome to your Master Business Health Quotient (MBHQ)


Welcome to the Master Business Health Quotient an assessment tool to measure Business Health.

The Master Business Health Quotient covers 30 areas of Business to identify your business strengths and areas for improvement.

You can accordingly fine tune or strengthen your business process and structure, to improve your operations and sustain your business. This can help you increase your revenue and reduce your costs.

Given below are 30 statements and a rating scale against each statement . Please rate the statements based on actual facts ( Quantitative Assessment) and after deep thought  (Qualitative Assessment)

Note: It is mandatory to rate every statement





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1. You have a Vision, Mission, Strategy statement that clearly outlines your organisational aspirations
2. You have clearly defined the Values and the Behaviours, which are demonstrated in your work place
3. You have a clear understanding of the current Economic, Business Climate and Environment , affecting you and other stakeholders
4. You are up-to-date with the current and future Technological Developments affecting your business
5. You are knowledgeable about your Key Competitors, their work, organisation and financial status
6. You are up-to-date with changes in Legislation, and amend your policies and work accordingly.
7. You have a good understanding of your existing and potentials Markets and Customers
8. You have a well developed system of Communication with your customers, employees and other stakeholders and influencers.
9. You have established process of gathering Feedback from your customers, employees, and other stake holders and incorporating them in your work
10. You have a system of Risk Analysis for your business and able to take informed risks and monitor their impact, taking action when necessary
11. You have a clearly defined approved Business plan In line with your Vision, Mission and Strategy
12. Your Income Sources are reliable and those at risks are identified
13. You have an established system for Cost Monitoring, Cost Control, and Cost Reduction
14. You have a reliable and timely Management Information System (MIS), which covers all aspects of business
15. You have a Performance Management System (PMS) in place for all your human resources
16. Your Organisation Structure is adequate to enable you to achieve your business plans
17. Your Management and Staff work together effectively and there is good Teamwork to deliver your Vision and Business Plans
18. You have Human Resource Policies and Practices in place to ensure that your employees are motivated.
19. You have the right number, quality and mix of Human Resources and their roles and responsibilities are properly defined and aligned to your Vision and Business Plans
20. Your Processes and Systems enable you to operate effectively and efficiently
21. You have a Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) Policy in place and is effectively implemented
22. Your Location/Facilities are appropriate for your vision
23. You have been able to create a Trusted Brand for your products, service and people
24. You have a Quality Policy and System in place and effectively implemented
25. You have a Capital Budget, Working Capital Budget and Cash Budget in place and you regularly monitor the budget with actual and take necessary action.
26. You have no Overdue Collections from Customers, no overdue payments to Lenders and Suppliers and your Inventory is within limits or benchmark
27. All your Assets are generating income and there are no Idle Assets
28. You and your staff are constantly researching, learning, innovating and generating ideas for new and improved products, services, processes and opportunities in a systematic way
29. You earned more than last year in terms of Sales, EBIDTA, and Cash
30. You have a Leadership Pipeline to take care of any succession issues at all important levels
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