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Career Aptitude Assessment

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Discover your Interest

This assessment can help you find out what your interests are and how they relate to the Career and Work.

You are learning about your interest so that you can explore work you may like and find rewarding.


  1. Rate your interest in each of the activity shown. This is not a test. There are no right or wrong answers.
  2. Do not worry, whether you have the skills or training to do the activity or how much money you might make.
  3. Simply think whether you would enjoy doing it or not.
  4. Rate you interest as – Dislike or Neutral or Like.

Welcome to the Career Aptitude Assessment

The Career Aptitude Assessment helps you know your interests and natural ability. This Career Aptitude Assessment is based on Holland’s Code. It was first developed by Dr. John Holland in 1971 based on extensive research about how people choose careers.

This Career Aptitude Assessment helps you learn
about yourself and your educational and life/career choices. It measures the degree to which you “like” activities of various kinds.

The assessments indicates your interest and likelihood of enjoying the kind of activities described in the respective domain.

When we do things we like, we tend to invest greater effort and time in mastering it. When our professions are chosen based on our likes, we tend to feel happy and satisfied, rather than disinterested and stressed.

Take the Career Aptitude Assessment now !

There are 60 statements, which you have to rate based on your liking.

Dislike-  I don't like doing this

Neutral- I neither like nor dislike doing this

Like- I like doing this and I want to do this more often

Go ahead and start the Assessment ! Remember rate ALL the statements!

If you are Student, Name of the College
If you are Student, Stream
Your Immediate Career Plan after Graduation? 1. If Further education in which degree 2. If Job in which Industry 3. If Entrepreneurship in which business
Where do you see Yourself in next 10 Years? 1. If Employment your designation 2. If Entrepreneur your Profit Target
Are you a Member of Rotaract Club? Answer in Yes or No.
If yes write the name of the Rotaract Club and If no, just write no.