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General Ability Test

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Welcome to your General Ability Test

General Ability Test  measures individual potential in the following three areas:

Numerical Ability
English  Knowledge
Logical Ability

Not all abilities are essential for each job. For some jobs one attribute would be the most important factor and the other two would be of least importance, while for some other jobs two factors would be of more importance. 

Say for example while selecting a Telephone Operator English will be of most importance followed by Logical Ability, while Numerical ability may not be important at all!  In case of selecting an Accounts Professional, Numerical & Logical Ability will be of more importance than the English Ability.

The test gives scores on all three abilities. 

Welcome to the General Ability Test.

The General Ability Test is a tool to measure General Ability on 3 dimensions.

The General Ability Test throws light on your current Logical Ability, Numerical Ability and English Language Knowledge.

Not all abilities are essential for each career. For some careers, one attribute would be the most important factor and the other two could be less important, while for other professions two or all the three may be important.

So, when you choose your Career, you must consider your abilities. Choose a career which uses your highest ability.

If you feel strongly about a Career, but lack in terms of ability for that career, please remember that ability is something which can be gained by

1. Acquiring knowledge,
2. Gaining experience and
3. Practice and sharpening the skill.

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There are 75 questions with multiple choice answers.

Please answer ALL the questions.

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If you are a Student, Name of the College
If you are a Student, Stream
Your Immediate Career Plan after Graduation? 1. If Further education in which degree 2. If Job in which Industry 3. If Entrepreneurship in which business
Where do you see Yourself in next 10 Years? 1. If Employment your designation 2. If Entrepreneur your Profit Target
Are you a Member of Rotaract Club? Answer in Yes or No.
If yes mention the name of the Rotaract Club and if no just write no.