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Money and Life are interconnected, interlinked and coupled. A good personal financial health will go a long way in living life fruitfully and in peace.

An assessment tool to measure your Personal Financial Health.

PFQ covers 25 areas of personal finance, which determine personal financial health. It is like a Master Health Checkup. It is a self-assessment tool, which is easy and to be answered only in True or False.

You can take the PFQ test and get the score immediately. Then depending upon the score, you will get an assessment of your Personal Financial Health in the form of a score interpretation.

You can accordingly develop a good Financial Plan and take action to improve your Financial Health.

U2K Consulting through their Personal CFO program can help in managing your personal health, right from making your personal financial plan, to implementing them, to accounting and record keeping. The Personal CFO program is based on the 7 Principles of Personal Financial Management.

Please note : That we do not sell any financial products. Hence you can be rest assured that our services would be unbiased and transparent.




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1. I have not defaulted on my credit card payment in the last one year.
2. I always pay my credit card dues in full.
3. I have not borrowed money on interest for my personal car, TV, electrical appliances or any household goods.
4. I have not taken any loan for holidays in the last 2 years.
5. I have ready funds (Bank Deposits, Liquid Funds) equal to minimum 3 month’s expenses.
6. I have Term Insurance equal to 10 times my annual income.
7. I have Health Insurance for me and my dependent family.
8. I know how much money I have (the value of all things owned by me, that can be expressed in money and monies due from others).
9. I know how much money I owe to others (the total of the loans and other dues that have to be paid to others).
10. I have saved and continue to save for my retirement.
11. I have not defaulted on my insurance premiums (life, health, vehicle), property tax / society maintenance / flat rent and other goods & services bought on credit.
12. I have given my nomination in all my banks, insurance policies, investment, residential properties and other real estate.
13. I have more than one source of income.
14. I save at least 15 to 20 % of my Gross income every month.
15. My essential and compulsory expenses including income tax do not exceed 50 % of my Gross monthly income.
16. I know my fixed monthly expenses
17. I have investments spread in different asset categories e.g. liquid, debt, equity, gold, real estate etc.
18. I have Demat account for keeping my investments in electronic form.
19. My monthly income is steady, spread over the year and shows an increasing trend year on year.
20. I file my Income Tax Returns every year and well in time.
21. I have made my Will and ensured that it is kept in safe custody.
22. I prepare a budget every year for my income, expenses and targeted net worth.
23. I have a system of record keeping and I keep track of my income, expenses every month
24. I have a house of my own or planned for a house of my own.
25. My spouse is fully aware of my finances and net worth. (if not married, then either of my parents or a trusted person is fully aware of my finances and net worth).

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