Career Aptitude Assessment

Psychometric Reasoning

A Tool to measure Personality Type on 16 Dimensions

This is a tool to identity the personality type of an individual. Below here follows a series of statements with (a) & (b) choices for you to choose from. There are no "RIGHT" answers, only answers that describe you as a person. You are required as honestly as possible about yourself, even though some answers may not be very flattering.

Do not spend too much time over one statement. But answer every single question. Try your best not to allow your moods to influence your responses.

Now go ahead & complete the test. Remember, you have approximately 30 minutes to respond to 70 questions.

Master Business Health Quotient (MBHQ)

Welcome to your Master Business Health Quotient (MBHQ)


Welcome to the Master Business Health Quotient an assessment tool to measure Business Health.

The Master Business Health Quotient covers 30 areas of Business to identify your business strengths and areas for improvement.

You can accordingly fine tune or strengthen your business process and structure, to improve your operations and sustain your business. This can help you increase your revenue and reduce your costs.

Given below are 30 statements and a rating scale against each statement . Please rate the statements based on actual facts ( Quantitative Assessment) and after deep thought  (Qualitative Assessment)

Note: It is mandatory to rate every statement





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1. You have a Vision, Mission, Strategy statement that clearly outlines your organisational aspirations
2. You have clearly defined the Values and the Behaviours, which are demonstrated in your work place
3. You have a clear understanding of the current Economic, Business Climate and Environment , affecting you and other stakeholders
4. You are up-to-date with the current and future Technological Developments affecting your business
5. You are knowledgeable about your Key Competitors, their work, organisation and financial status
6. You are up-to-date with changes in Legislation, and amend your policies and work accordingly.
7. You have a good understanding of your existing and potentials Markets and Customers
8. You have a well developed system of Communication with your customers, employees and other stakeholders and influencers.
9. You have established process of gathering Feedback from your customers, employees, and other stake holders and incorporating them in your work
10. You have a system of Risk Analysis for your business and able to take informed risks and monitor their impact, taking action when necessary
11. You have a clearly defined approved Business plan In line with your Vision, Mission and Strategy
12. Your Income Sources are reliable and those at risks are identified
13. You have an established system for Cost Monitoring, Cost Control, and Cost Reduction
14. You have a reliable and timely Management Information System (MIS), which covers all aspects of business
15. You have a Performance Management System (PMS) in place for all your human resources
16. Your Organisation Structure is adequate to enable you to achieve your business plans
17. Your Management and Staff work together effectively and there is good Teamwork to deliver your Vision and Business Plans
18. You have Human Resource Policies and Practices in place to ensure that your employees are motivated.
19. You have the right number, quality and mix of Human Resources and their roles and responsibilities are properly defined and aligned to your Vision and Business Plans
20. Your Processes and Systems enable you to operate effectively and efficiently
21. You have a Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) Policy in place and is effectively implemented
22. Your Location/Facilities are appropriate for your vision
23. You have been able to create a Trusted Brand for your products, service and people
24. You have a Quality Policy and System in place and effectively implemented
25. You have a Capital Budget, Working Capital Budget and Cash Budget in place and you regularly monitor the budget with actual and take necessary action.
26. You have no Overdue Collections from Customers, no overdue payments to Lenders and Suppliers and your Inventory is within limits or benchmark
27. All your Assets are generating income and there are no Idle Assets
28. You and your staff are constantly researching, learning, innovating and generating ideas for new and improved products, services, processes and opportunities in a systematic way
29. You earned more than last year in terms of Sales, EBIDTA, and Cash
30. You have a Leadership Pipeline to take care of any succession issues at all important levels
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Leadership Quotient

Welcome to your Leadership Quotient (LQ)


Leadership Test for Individuals

How good are your leadership skills?

Welcome to the Leadership Quotient an assessment tool to measure Leadership Effectiveness.

The Leadership Quotient covers 30 areas of  Managerial & Leadership qualities required for Business Acumen to manage organisations.

Against every statement, rate each accordingly to this scale

      1. Not at all     2.Rarely     3. Sometimes     4. Often     5. Very often

Please answer the questions as you actually are (rather than how you think you should be).

Work quickly- go with your first reflex response!’




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1. I can influence and motivate others to follow my directions
2. I am confident in my ability to manage the expectation of all Stakeholders, including my boss and superiors
3. I have a model for building a credible Strategic plan
4. I have a process of creating measurable goals
5. I understand how and when to effectively delegate a function
6. I can breakdown complex functions into measurable tasks
7. I can build collaborative teams
8. I am confident in facilitating career development plans
9. I have a conflict resoloution model at my disposal when needed
10. I know how to structure and have a difficult conversation
11. I have a effective problem solving model for finding the most likely root cause and solutions
12. I understand how to use Benchmarks and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to achieve operational Objectives
13. I am physically fit and can manage my personal stress
14. I can run an effective and productive meeting
15. I use best practices when delivering performance reviews
16. I have a proven decision making model.
17. I understand the role of critical thinking in mangement
18. While assigning tasks , I consider people's skill and interest,
19. I have confidence in my ability to succeed.
20. I am good at executing action plans to achieve desired goals and results
21. I take criticism as an area for improvement.
22. I am optimistic about life and I can see beyond temporary setbacks and problems
23. I am highly motivated because I know I have what it takes to be successful
24. When someone is upset, I can understand how he or she is feeling
25. I enjoy Planning for the future
26. When working with a team , I encourage everyone to work towards the same overall objectives and achieve top results
27. I make time to learn what people need from me, so that they can be succesful.
28. I think teams perform the best, when they learn new skills and challenge themselves instead of keeping doing the same tasks.
29. I am prepared to take on the responsibiliites of the next level, as I believe I have the knowledge, skill and experience for the role.
30. I work towards improving my circle of influence and network
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Personal Finance Quotient (PFQ)

Welcome to Personal Financial Quotient (PFQ)


Money and Life are interconnected, interlinked and coupled. A good personal financial health will go a long way in living life fruitfully and in peace.

An assessment tool to measure your Personal Financial Health.

PFQ covers 25 areas of personal finance, which determine personal financial health. It is like a Master Health Checkup. It is a self-assessment tool, which is easy and to be answered only in True or False.

You can take the PFQ test and get the score immediately. Then depending upon the score, you will get an assessment of your Personal Financial Health in the form of a score interpretation.

You can accordingly develop a good Financial Plan and take action to improve your Financial Health.

U2K Consulting through their Personal CFO program can help in managing your personal health, right from making your personal financial plan, to implementing them, to accounting and record keeping. The Personal CFO program is based on the 7 Principles of Personal Financial Management.

Please note : That we do not sell any financial products. Hence you can be rest assured that our services would be unbiased and transparent.




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1. I have not defaulted on my credit card payment in the last one year.
2. I always pay my credit card dues in full.
3. I have not borrowed money on interest for my personal car, TV, electrical appliances or any household goods.
4. I have not taken any loan for holidays in the last 2 years.
5. I have ready funds (Bank Deposits, Liquid Funds) equal to minimum 3 month’s expenses.
6. I have Term Insurance equal to 10 times my annual income.
7. I have Health Insurance for me and my dependent family.
8. I know how much money I have (the value of all things owned by me, that can be expressed in money and monies due from others).
9. I know how much money I owe to others (the total of the loans and other dues that have to be paid to others).
10. I have saved and continue to save for my retirement.
11. I have not defaulted on my insurance premiums (life, health, vehicle), property tax / society maintenance / flat rent and other goods & services bought on credit.
12. I have given my nomination in all my banks, insurance policies, investment, residential properties and other real estate.
13. I have more than one source of income.
14. I save at least 15 to 20 % of my Gross income every month.
15. My essential and compulsory expenses including income tax do not exceed 50 % of my Gross monthly income.
16. I know my fixed monthly expenses
17. I have investments spread in different asset categories e.g. liquid, debt, equity, gold, real estate etc.
18. I have Demat account for keeping my investments in electronic form.
19. My monthly income is steady, spread over the year and shows an increasing trend year on year.
20. I file my Income Tax Returns every year and well in time.
21. I have made my Will and ensured that it is kept in safe custody.
22. I prepare a budget every year for my income, expenses and targeted net worth.
23. I have a system of record keeping and I keep track of my income, expenses every month
24. I have a house of my own or planned for a house of my own.
25. My spouse is fully aware of my finances and net worth. (if not married, then either of my parents or a trusted person is fully aware of my finances and net worth).

Thanks for taking the PFQ Test.


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